Shards of War: Bigpoint introduces new Sentinel, Revv

Hamburg, August 25, 2015 – The 22nd Sentinel in Bigpoint’s science fiction orientated MOBA game, Shards of War, has been revealed today. A mobile Sentinel, Revv’s at her most dangerous when she slices, spikes and blasts isolated targets, escaping on her pulse boots to leave any survivors with a fatal case of whiplash.

Give the fans what they want. Violence. Lots and lots of violence

Revv’s base attack is a cone-shaped slash with her signature blade. This speedy Sentinel’s “Whip It!” skill involved an energy whip which, when bound to her target for over 2 seconds, snares the enemy and causes additional damage. Revv’s “Spike It!” skill launches 3 spikes from her gauntlet, hitting the closest enemy Sentinel in range. Each additional spike that hits the same target will deal a reduced amount of damage compared to the initial hit.

Her “Loop It!” skill sees Revv rocket forward on her pulse boots. After a short delay, she can reactivate the skill to return to her original location. Revv’s “Blast It!” skill allows her to throw a blastball at the closest enemy Sentinel in range. She can throw up to 2 more blastballs within 10 seconds before the ability goes into cooldown.

But this fame-seeking Sentinel has one more trick up her sleeve – her “Slash It!” skill. This base attack against her targets slow them down and deals additional damage based on their maximum health. This effect has a cooldown on each target.

It’s time to put on a show!

Seeking fame and fortune in the blastball arena? Then you’d better think fast, you’d better move faster, and most of all you’d better put on a show. Low ratings can be deadlier than any blast from a sweeper turret, but for Revv even popularity is no longer a contest. No arena is large enough to contain her, and no battlefield is dangerous enough to slow her down. She’s become the most powerful thing imaginable – a celebrity. Beating her opponents is only going to make her even more famous.