Shards of War: Win Big at Gamescom 2015

Hamburg, Germany, 31 July 2015 – Bigpoint, one of the world’s leading developers and publishers of online games, has unveiled the Gamescom program for Shards of War, their action-packed MOBA-shooter hybrid. Members of the press will have access to hourly game presentations in the business center while gamers can look forward to a whole slew of events in the entertainment area.

Eight teams from around the world have qualified to take part in the live Battle of the Shards tournament in Cologne. Bigpoint is flying in squads from France, the Czech Republic, Russia, Italy, the USA and other countries to compete before a live audience in a double-elimination tournament with more than €10,000 in prize money at stake! The matches will be broadcast live via Twitch so fans everywhere can follow the action. Additionally, famous YouTube personalities and Let’s Play stars from different countries will be making appearances. Meet them at Bigpoint’s booth in the entertainment area!

Of course, visitors will have a chance to play a match or two as well. It’s worth stopping by, as Bigpoint will be running giveaways around the clock, with high-quality gaming hardware and in-game goodies (like skins for Sentinels) on the menu. Fans that can’t make it to Cologne will be able to catch all the highlights on the game’s social media channels. Videos und pictures from the fair, live matches, exclusive interviews and team profiles will be available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Shards of War: Current Status and Future Developments

Shards of War is currently in open beta with an official release planned for the coming months. This unique MOBA-shooter hybrid is one of the most ambitious and sophisticated titles in Bigpoint’s games portfolio. Shards of War gets right down to business without a tedious lane phase—there are confrontations seconds after each match kicks off. The intuitive WASD shooter controls encourage quick firefights and action-packed battles. Each round lasts about 20 minutes.

The developers are constantly working on new content to introduce even more variety to the game and increase the tactical possibilities. Recent updates include an alliance feature, a completely revamped item crafting system and a new map.

Bigpoint has introduced Shards of War to the ESL and runs weekly community tournaments. The game is already enjoying international acclaim, especially in Russia, Poland, France and Spain.

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