DARKORBIT celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Hamburg, Germany – December 12th, 2016 – On December 11th 2006, a massive free Space MMO was born, allowing millions of players to dive into an intergalactic struggle for control of the galaxy.


Since its launch, DarkOrbit Reloaded has attracted more than 94 million players and has seen numerous updates, new content and immense support from its community.

2016 is not only the anniversary year, but also a stellar year in terms of accomplishments for the DarkOrbit team at Bigpoint. The game team created multiple content updates for their beloved community: 9 new events, a brand new ship, new laser type, new shield type, regular Twitch streams, Discord channels, and the ability for players to craft items to name a few.


The game has been running for 10 years, which is an amazing feat in such a fast moving industry. The talent of our teams and the dedication of our community are the reasons behind this achievement. We plan to support the game for many more years, as evidenced by the fact that we continue to release big new systems and regularly hiring new people to work on the game.” said Shawn Lord, Senior Live Producer of DarkOrbit at Bigpoint.


10th year celebrations will continue throughout the whole of December with the addition of the much awaited Refractions update, allowing players to battle against other pilots from different servers for the first time!


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