BIGPOINT and MALALA FUND are proud to announce their partnership through the “Learn and Grow" event!

In 2016, many people on the planet still don’t have access to education, clean water and electricity; fundamentals that should be basic human rights and that most of us take for granted. In an attempt to help alleviate the difficulties that many across the world face, FARMERAMA is teaming up with Malala Fund to help every girl get a safe, quality education.


From 24th November until 9th December, all revenue generated from the “Learn and Grow” event will be going to the organization. Throughout the event, Bigpoint will cover all charges pertaining to transactions and affiliation costs.


At Bigpoint, we strongly believe that video games can help alleviate real world problems and that our player community is extremely compassionate. Our teams have always felt the responsibility to do their part in assisting numerous organizations like the German Red Cross, charity: water and United Nations.?This time, we are working with the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai, through her non-profit organization:?Malala Fund. We are excited to collaborate with Malala Fund on their mission and help bring education to young girls across the world.“ said Varun Nagendra, Director of Live Games at Bigpoint.


To take part in this charitable endeavor, the players can simply log into FARMERAMA and take part in the “Learn and Grow” event where they will also be able to purchase packages to directly help raise money for this worthy cause. Last but not least, everyone can support Malala Fund directly through this link.