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1300t crane for Hydropower Station Has Been Dispatched

Release time:2018-12-06Source:News


On the 14thof July, this carrier vehicle stopped at the road outside of the Crane subcompany of TZ. It carried more than 30 m gold yellow bridge crane which was ready to dispatch to the “Three Gorges”Dongde hydropower station. This 1300 t bridge crane is designed and manufactured independently by TZ for the “Three Gorges”group.


Up to now, TZ has made more than 200 sets of this kind of hydropower brige crane for many famous hydropower station , including the Three Gorges, the Gezhou Dam, the Xiangjia Dam, the Longyang Gorges, the Liujia Gorges, etc. All of them still work very well. From 2000 to now, TZ has made several 1200 t bridge cranes for the “Three Gorges ”Zuoan plant .


This time, TZ made 8 sets of 1300t bridge cranes for the “Three Gorges”. Two of them had been put into use at the end of 2017. Through design and manufature this 1300t bridge crane project, TZ breaked through many key technic such as heavy lifting weights, muti-coiling block and so on to keep TZ crane still at the advanced level of the world.

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