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The Intelligent Casting Crane Put into Use

Release time:2018-06-01Source:News

On May 24th of 2018, the 250t intelligent casting crane is lifting molten steel in the NO.1 steel making zone of Shanghai Meishan Steel company.This set of intelligent casting crane is made by our company. It is mainly used for lifting, transfer and casting the molten steel.

To meet client demands of high intelligence and high reliability, it adopts advanced sensor technology, electric drive technology and intelligent control technology. On the premise of high starting point, high performance, high efficiency and high reliability, it has great innovations in equipment matching, structure principle, performance parameters and so on.

The intelligentized functions can be realized by automatic operation in complex environment, job space identification and path optimization, life cycle management of complex equipment, etc.

Comparing to traditional casting crane,the intelligent casting crane can realise the digital control, automatic cruise, superaccurate positioning, eletric anti-swing, intelligent diagnosis, remote control, etc.

This is the first set of intelligent casting crane which we have the independent intellectual property rights and reached the leading level of the world.

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