Sophomore Summer

A term of your own.?Thanks to?Dartmouth’s distinctive D-Plan, as a rising junior you’ll be on campus together with your entire class taking a full slate of courses?the summer following your sophomore year.

Sophomore Summer


First and foremost, summer term means summer study. A typical course load is three classes, just as it is for any other academic term.

The midpoint of your Dartmouth education, Sophomore Summer is an important moment to plan your major, explore career options, and even get to know your subject area librarian—a key partner for upcoming research projects.

The Undergraduate Deans Office provides detailed materials for sophomores to help you take advantage of all that Dartmouth has to offer.

Leadership & Service

With the entire campus dedicated to your class, you're in charge. It's a time when leadership positions for many student organizations transition into the hands of rising juniors.

Examples of extracurricular opportunities that will be uniquely yours include leadership programming from the Rockefeller Center and volunteer service with SEAD, Dartmouth's summer enrichment program for students from under-resourced high schools.

The great outdoors

There's no denying it, summer is a beautiful time to be at Dartmouth. The skies are blue, the mountains are green, and the Connecticut River swim docks are just a few steps from the Green on a hot day.

The region around Hanover is ripe for exploring by foot, bike, and car. On campus, Dartmouth's calendar is full of conferences and performances. Invite your family to join in for Sophomore Family Weekend, held every July.?