Crane Export References

TYHI cranes has been found in Asia, America, Europe and Oceania, exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as India, Korea ,Taiwan, Saudi Arab, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australian, Columbia, Bangladesh , Pakistan, Ecuador, Algeria etc.

Recently, TYHI has exported more than 260 nos. metallurgical cranes, hydro-power station cranes and workshop cranes.

The main clients are:

JSW India: TYHI has supplied more than 50 metallurgical cranes, including ladle crane, tong crane, magnet crane etc. The representative products are 300t ladle crane and 220t ladle crane.

ESSAR India: there are approximate 20 nos. ladle cranes and EOT cranes. The representative product is 450t ladle crane;

Hyundai steel, Korea: EOT crane、tong crane、magnet crane approximate 50 nos. The representative product is 400t EOT crane;

POSCO, Korea: 6 nos. 480t ladle cranes, 7 nos. metallurgical cranes;

Dragon Steel (Taiwan): 7 nos. 360t ladle cranes, 1 no 120t ladle crane;

HADEED: 260t and 80t ladle cranes, 5 nos;

Abul Khair Steel Limit, Bangladesh: 16 nos. metallurgical cranes;

Pakistan: 450t crane for hydropower station;

Malaysia: 350t crane for hydropower station;

Recently, we have positively cooperated with foreign company for the cranes in the nuclear power station.

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    480/100t ladle crane for POSCO, Korea

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    400t EOT crane for ESSAR steel plant, India

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    360t ladle crane for Dragon Steel (Taiwan)

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    220t ladle crane for JSW steel Ltd, India

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    50t gantry crane for JSW Steel Ltd, India

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