Tianjin Heavy Equipment Base

TYHI started to construct a heavy equipment R&D and manufacturing base in Tianjin Port Economic Zone in November 2009 to adapt to the trend of developing oversize heavy equipment to work in extreme conditions and create opportunities for globalization. To follow the idea of “ Shipping after Production”, it has formed as a base of heavy equipment manufacturing with its own port in the front of the plant.


Exterior view ofTianjin Heavy Equipment Base


The base covers an area of 1,000,000 m2and extends for 1 km along the coast. At the wharf there are four 50,000 t fitting-out berths, one lifting berth for bulk component as heavy as 1,400 t and slipways of 30,000 t, 15,000 t and 3,000 t. Besides, there have established plants for heavy equipment and offshore equipment equipped with Coburg (Germany) 52.5×8×8 CNC dual-gantry boring-milling machine and Pama (Italian) ?260mm dual-column floor boring and milling machine. Design lifting weight of the plants is above 900t.


OverlookingTianjin Heavy Equipment Base


The base is capable of manufacturing forging equipment, coal chemical industry equipment, offshore and port machinery. The products include 10,000t a extruding machine of aluminum profile and non-ferrous metals, port machinery like large ship discharger, shipbuilding portal crane, multi-purpose offshore lifting and installation platform (ship) crane, 25t-63t underwater pile hammer, self-elevating drilling platform, fitting-out berths as well as support machine shipment and raw material unloading.


Wharf for heavy equipment by the base


At present, the base is capable of establishing offshore equipment platform based on land slipways, turning a new page for offshore and port equipment development for inland enterprises.

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