Heavy Casting and Forging Manufacture Base

TYHI invested RMB1.59 billion in the year of 2010 to build a manufacturing base for localization of heavy castings and forgings in the headquarters of TYHI. Covering an area of about 101,350m2, the base is equipped with steel making workshop, forging and heat treatment workshop, 110KW transformer substation and large key equipment such as 80t electric arc furnace,120t LF (VD) refining furnace and 12,500t hydraulic press.

The base produces steel ingot with single piece weight up to 400t, steel castings with single piece weight up to 600t, forgings with single piece weight up to 240t. The annual output reaches 120,000t of steel ingot, 130,000t of heavy forgings, 15000t of heavy castings. It provides high-end castings and forgings and service for various industries including thermal power, hydropower, wind power, nuclear power, metallurgy, rail transportation, military industry so as to meet the demand of domestic and international market.


Outdoor scene of manufacturing base for heavy castings and forgings


125MN forging hydraulic press


liquid steel is being produced

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